I started playing basketball at the age of 13 and since then I’ve used basketball as a tool to realize my greatest dreams and actualize my fullest potential.  Through basketball, I was able to visit and live in the most amazing countries, meet the most amazing people, and experience the most amazing things.  Although my experience through basketball has been amazing, I didn’t see enough opportunities put in place for more girls from Africa to have the same dream.  I attributed this problem to cultural biases and economic situations. Family, community, and religion reinforce stereotypical behavior of gender roles. Traditionally, boys are more encouraged into sports than females

What’s more, many African households have an average income of less than two dollars per day.  As such, parents make their young daughters work as an additional source of income.  This leaves no time for extra-curricular activities, such as sports or incentives to finish their education. In addition to that, we have little to no female administrators, coaches, leaders advocating the importance and continuous investment of the girl-child participation in sports.  For this reason and the need to prove that sports can positively affect the overall development of our young girls led to the birth of H4G.  I am a prime example how a girl can leverage sports to do great things!