Testimonials | Hope 4 Girls Africa

Monye Victoria – “To be sincere, I really had fun and for that and everything else, I want to give a very big thank you to all the coaches, officials, supporters of the program, and most especially Mobolaji Akiode! I liked everything about the camp, especially the trip to Olumo Rock.”

Atosu Upe – “My experience was so great, exciting and wonderful. I learned a lot from the drills. The coaches are wonderful and they made me feel happy when I was down. Miss Mobolaji is my mentor. She taught me so many things that I will never forget. God bless you!”

Celestina Scott-Uguh – “It was a great pleasure for me to be a part of Hope 4 Girls. I have never heard of a basketball camp as marvelous as this in Nigeria! I thank God for Mobolaji and crew. The camp was fantastic. I love most the captivating attitudes of the USA coaches: their encouragement, humility and love for us.”

Folashade Ogunsemoyin – “I made a lot of friends from different states in Nigeria. We all lived like sisters. I learned that we should all help each other.  I know one day that I will do what she is doing for the youth of Nigeria. I love Hope 4 Girls and I pray that it will be repeated every year!”

Jennifer Oyegah – “It has really been great out here. The camp is one of a kind. I have learned so much about basketball and life. I cherish every moment I spent in the camp with the coaches, players and officials. A big kudos to Mobolaji, I pray that God her heart desires. Thanks!”

Tessy Mac-Dangosu – “I thank you for the opportunity to play basketball for it is of great necessity and importance for me. I promise to read my books and play basketball. I now have you as a role model after my mom. I really enjoyed the visit to the governor’s office and the opportunity to talk to the governor.”

Ebere Okeke – “I like everything about the camp! I really loved meeting the governor. I never thought that that would ever happen. Although I cried, I really appreciated visiting the beautiful children at the Stella Obasanjo Orphanage.”

Grace Opufou-Wellman – “I want to thank God for allowing me to be in the Hope 4 Girls camp. I am very happy for all the gifts we were offered: t-shirts, sneakers, books, and basketballs. Nobody has ever done a camp like this for girls in Nigeria before. I learned how to love and care for each other. It was so wonderful!”

Aburimeri Obehi – “I loved everything in the camp! I pray to God to bless Mobolaji and those that came with her from America.”

Emmanuella Edeka – “This camp was wonderful and inspirational. I learned a lot from the coaches. I really enjoyed the basketball drills. Everyone one was friendly with each other. I thank mobolaji for organizing something like this camp in Nigeria.”